Progressive Handicap Fleet

We have a number of Non IRC rated yachts now racing under the Progressive Handicap System. They come out for the Wednesday evening and Sunday morning events and some join in with the IRC fleet on events away such as the Offshore Week. All cruising yachts are welcomed and encouraged to join in, whether with full racing sails, cruising sails with cruising shute, or even white sail only
The purpose of this fleet is to encourage yachts that are more used to cruising to join in the fun and get some good experience in racing around the Bay and on Wednesdays around the cans. We handicap the yachts by the progressive system, which does allow all yachts a fair opportunity to do well.
The progressive handicap system works best with a number of yachts so the races (for Wednesdays particularly) combine with the IRC fleet and all are given progressive handicap results. As this system is based on performance over all races it gives all yachts a fair chance at doing well. However IRC yachts are not considered for the prizes.
Overall the racing is about having a pleasant and fun time and in this beautiful bay that enjoys some of the best UK weather there cannot be a better place to sail.
The RTYC Progressive Handicap System - a simplified explanation
More information can be obtained from the RTYC club office 01803 292006
or email the Cruiser Fleet Coordinator Tim Whitehead on
Mon 01 Mar 10 15:15:26